Living Word Lutheran Sunday School Classes... Sunday School is currently off for the summer... Sunday School... Our curriculum is entitled, "The Life of Jesus." We have plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the year helping with various events such as Christmas program, Birthday party for Jesus, Easter outreach, VBS, and different celebrations.  Not able to volunteer?  That's OK too!  We understand busy schedules!  Please continue to keep our Sunday School kids, leaders, and parents in your prayers!  Thank you and God’s Blessings to all of you!          Amanda Sharp, Sunday School Coordinator + Daily Schedule 9:00 Welcome, Opening & ‘Talk about’ Video 9:15-45 Lesson Time 9:45 Clean up & bathroom break + Teachers / Classes: Pre-school to Kindergarten:  Lara Dahl 1st & 2nd Grade Amanda Sharp 3rd & 4th Grade: Mona Hjelle  Alana Friehl 5th & 6th Grade: Kari Sharp Confirmation Students take turns serving as teacher assistant +   Rides are Available    Talk to Amanda or Pastor David + Make sure to check out our “Dig In @ Home”  weekly wrap-up page.  It’s in the worship folder you receive at church each Sunday.  EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS IN SUNDAY SCHOOL, there are great faith questions for all ages to ponder by yourself or talk about with your family on the way home from church or during the week over meals. We continue with "The Life of Jesus." Apr 29 Jesus Claims to Be God's Son May 6     Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin May 13 Parable of the Prodigal Son (Waiting Father) May 20 Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead May 27 Jesus Heals Ten Men of Leprosy We are looking for adult Nursery Helpers - “Grandparent-age” is great, so parents can have a break. Talk to Mona Hjelle if you can help in the Nursery once a month. Children’s Ministry Reminders.... Nursery:   We have a Nursery area in the East Classroom at the rear of the fellowship hall. You may take Pre-K children to the Nursery after the Children’s Message (or at other times during worship as needed). Children’s Worship Bags:  These contain Bible story coloring pages and Bible story books. They are available for the older children to take back to their pew after the Children’s Message. Bible Story Book / Video lending library: We have over 100 books in the nursery that you can sign out to read with your children at home. We also have videos to sign out: Adventure in Odyssey (in the old VHS format)! New Video additions in DVD format: + Veggie Tales: All the Shows - Volume I (1993-1999) + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   I Dig Dinosaurs + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   Extreme Caving + Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures:   Swamp Man! + The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World + The Wild Brothers: Jewels of the Jungle + The Wild Brothers: Paradise Lost
Sunday School at Living Word Lutheran Church
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