Living Word Lutheran Sunday School Classes... Sunday School for Pre-K through Grade 7 Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Sunday School... · May 1 - "Saul's Conversion"  Acts 9:1-20 · May 8 - Mother's Day!! · May 15 - "Jesus and the Miracle of Fish"  John 21:1-14 · May 22 - Last Day of Sunday School!   "Great Commission/Jesus Prepares to Leave"  Matt. 28:16-20; John 13:31-35 Special Events on the Last Day of Sunday School (May 22):    + We’ll have a special appreciation for our teachers during worship    + We’ll celebrate the year with a Picnic -with games and Knockerball after the picnic! · April 3: "Mary Anoints Jesus"  John 12:1-8 · April 10: Palm Sunday "Hours Before His Death"  Luke 22:14-17; 23:1-56 · April 17: Easter Sunday "The Empty Tomb"  John 20:1-18 · April 24: "Jesus Appears to Disciples"  John 20:19-31 ¨ The kids are encouraged to bring their Bibles to SS and Youth Study as we will be using them in class. ¨ Mark your calendars for April 9th forEaster Celebration 4 Kids!!: “WAKE-UP IT'S EASTER".  Volunteers are going to be needed. Please talk to Mona if you can help with planning or on April 9
Sunday School at Living Word Lutheran Church
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